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Check out these few tips that you can apply to your current workout program to help your rear delts grow. The rear delts are some of the most neglected but important muscles for overall posture and shoulder health. Often times we over develop our front delts cause major shoulder mobility and strength issues. These rear delt tips will help you create a well balanced physique. Check out my video on rear delt exercises as well!

Rear delts

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  1. That was a great post Damien! This is one reason why I like watching your
    channel because you take the time to explain techniques in sequences. I am
    a very technical person and I understand things better when it is taught
    verbally and it is backed up by a physical example. I learned a long time
    ago that everyone has a different method of learning and some have a
    combination of different methods. You have tapped into this tremendously by
    both explaining things in a classroom setting and also conducting an actual
    workout video. Keep up the good work, and I am looking forward for your
    next post. By the way do you think you could do a class on cardio? I would
    like to know a little more about this subject. Thank you in advance!

  2. i missed a few videos, but when i came back to channel
    everything i was wondering about was answered. Good vid Damien!

  3. Always good tips, Damien. After meet your channel i’ve made major gains.
    Thanks for your help, man. You are the best. Greetings from Brazil.

  4. Great vid Damien!! Like always your videos are always on point!! Keep
    puttin in work man!! Your videos are inspirational and very professional.
    Thanks for putting out the vids you do.>>KEEP IT 10)!!

  5. I feel like rear delts are easier to hit for me. When I do front delts, my
    shoulders will roll and it just does not feel right.

  6. what is your take on hitting failure ?

    the hodgetwins dont go to failure and keep their workouts around 12-15 sets
    , hitting each bodypart 2 times a week …

    seems like you do a high volume, do u go to failure ?

  7. Such great advice. Im fairly new to your channel and wanted to say I’ve
    learn so much from you. Very knowledgeable and a physique to back it up!
    Definitely one of the best fitness channels and will continue seeking tips
    from your videos!

  8. wow, left speech less, what an amazing helpful video, so much detail it
    was pen and paper job!!!!!, certainly gonna be rearranging things here in
    the uk to accommodate some of these tips, awesome stuff,

  9. bent over reverse fly.. should shoulders be retracted or let hang? same
    question on the rear delt fly machine

  10. I wonder if it’s really hard to grow or does it have more to do with the
    fact that the rear deltoid is the smallest deltoid muscle? At least that’s
    what I’ve read. And people who have herniated discs might want to stay away
    from many exercises that are good for the rear delts as the forward bending
    motion is horrible for an injured back. I have suffered herniated discs
    myself and I would absolutely cringe at the idea of doing any free weight
    bent over row now unless I’m lying flat on a bench. If you have a healthy
    back, doing dumbbell rows without swinging over the place like a monkey
    should be fairly safe.

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